"Watt's Up" Upgrades

Upgrade program


We reserve the right to make changes to our products at any time.

Note that the upgrade was not necessary as there are no problems with Version 1, we just added some features in Version 2.

New version description

The "Watt's Up" Version 2 adds two features compared to Version 1. Otherwise it is the same.

  1. Addition of peak Watts capture for a total of EIGHT measured values.
  2. Volts, Amps & Watts are displayed continuously and the five additional measured values are displayed sequentially in the "Data-Queue" position (lower left) of the display.

Qualifying for an upgrade

  1. You must have purchased your unit from an authorized "Watt's Up" dealer or the RCE website and have your sales receipt.
  2. We must receive your upgrade order before the upgrade program ends on June 30, 2005.

What you get in the upgrade

A new Version 2 "Watt's Up". Any connectors on the unit you return to us WILL NOT BE RETURNED so we suggest you remove them.


Upgrade cost


Instructions for getting an upgraded version

If you qualify for the upgrade, you can return your Version 1 "Watt's Up" and we will return you a Version 2 of the color you choose.

  1. Order the upgrade on our website and note your upgrade order number. Select how you want your Version 2 shipped back.
  2. Write your upgrade order number legibly on a piece of tape and attach to the leads of your Version 1 unit.
  3. Include a copy of your original Version 1 unit's sales receipt OR original packing slip.
  4. Package your unit so it is properly cushioned to survive shipping. We recommend you use a tracked shipping method (e.g. UPS or Fedex) that is insured as we will not be held responsible for lost shipments.
  5. Write your order number so it is prominantly visible on the outside of the package. Packages not showing order numbers WILL BE REFUSED!
  6. Return your unit to us at the address given below.


After we receive your Version 1 unit, with the information required above , we will send out your version 2 to the address you provided in your upgrade order.

Order problems

If we don't receive your Version 1 unit we will cancel your order.

If we don't receive the required information we will cancel your order except for the shipping and handling cost to send your Version 1 unit back to the address on your upgrade order using UPS ground shipping.

When are upgrades processed ?

We process upgrades twice per month (around the 1st and the 16th) to keep down costs. We process your order in the half of the month in which we receive your returned unit.



Watt's Up Upgrades