"Watt's Up" Lite Helicopter, Plane & Car Wattmeter

Watt's Up Lite watt meter

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A Wattmeter small and light enough to fly!

The Watt's Up lite Wattmeter is our model WU100, V2 meter packaged only in clear heat shrink tubing. It is exactly the same except for the packaging.

Weighing 1.8 oz, and without the "Watt's Up"'s standard hard case, it's easier to put where you need it and there's less weight to fly.

The wires are even easier to route in tight places since they don't have any strain reliefs from the case holding them.

"Watt's Up" lite benefits

  • Smaller & thinner: 0.63" D typical, 0.66" maximum (16 to 16.8 mm). 2.7" L x 1.5" W (69 mm x 38 mm)
  • Lighter: 1.8 oz.
  • Tighter wiring: because there's no case in the way
  • Better Cooling: gives more margin in high current setups
  • Added Protection: Rugged, but clear polyolefin heat shrink tubing protects display from scratches and fluids
  • Full warranty

Some benefits of flying the "Watt's Up"

  • Detect problems BEFORE they cause a crash. Easily check peak Amps, peak Watts and minimum voltage on each flight.
  • Check Ah and WH consumed so you really know how much flight time you have left and can detect abnormal current draw.
  • Check peak current drawn by servos preflight to check for sticking and other problems.
  • Verify battery voltage instead of guessing

Making it even lighter

By using a "3-wire" hookup, you can replace the red, 14 gage, silicone wire with a much lighter (e.g. 20 gage) wire for the plus connection. This can reduce weight below 1.7 oz..

A 3-wire hookup only runs current through the meter's black leads. The 3rd lead is one of the red wires (either one) attached to the voltage to be measured. Since only the meter's tiny operating current flows through this wire it need not have heavy, 14 gage supplied. Not running high current through the meter's red wires also reduces heating in the meter as well as very slightly improving voltage measurement accuracy.


The lite version is currently only available in volume by special order.



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