What To Look For In A Watt Meter

While there are a variety of electric system test devices on the market, we believe our "Watt's Up" Watt meter and power analyzer offers you the best value. Here's why.

We've combined the most useful features and measurement capabilities into a precision, easy to use and affordable instrument.

While other "watt meter" or "power analyzer" products offer some of the "Watt's Up" features only "Watt's up" offers them all.

Here is a summary of the "Watt's Up" features you get.

  • Ability to capture peak Amps, peak Watts and minimum voltage events lasting a fraction of a second. Crucial for troubleshooting problems and finding brief duration current, power and voltage electrical events
  • Display of EIGHT electrical values on a two line, high contrast LCD display and without needing to press buttons or use a computer
  • Measurement down to 0 Volts which allows you to measure single battery cell systems and compare individual cells for cell balancing
  • Wide measurement ranges with high resolution and accuracy
  • High enough resolution and accuracy for cell balancing, checking charge and discharge voltages and setting cutoff voltages and currents. High accuracy allows comparing results with other people
  • Small size and light weight so you can carry it around and even fly in some situations
  • ISO 9000 high quality construction and one Year Warranty so you can depend on it
  • Can use auxiliary power input or be powered directly by the measured circuit
  • Full User's Manual which includes mini electrical tutorial that teaches you at your rate and gives you the information you need



Watt To Look For