"Watt's Up" RC WattMeter & Power Analyzer

What It Is and Why You Need One

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Without an RC Wattmeter you can only guess what's really going on with your electric model and questions like these go unanswered.

  • What battery, motor or speed control will work?
  • Exceeding your battery's discharge and charge rates?
  • Running too much current through your speed control or motor?
  • Getting a full charge on your RC batteries and maximum runtime?
  • Battery cells in balance?
  • Speed control cut-off set right?
  • Buying compatible components?

"Watt's Up" is a precision instrument and the missing tool to show you how electrical specs like Volts, Amps, Watts and mAh describe both:

  • your model's performance and
  • the prop, motor, speed control and battery you need to get what you want from you model.

For a fraction of what you've already spent on your RC cars & planes projects, the "Watt's Up" gives you answers to electrical questions that protect your investment and help you get the most out of it. "Watt's Up" replaces an ammeter, voltmeter, wattmeter, Amp-hour and Watt-hour meter and does more while costing less.

You don't need to be an electrical engineer to figure out which electrical specs are relevant to your goals for your model. With our watt meter, you can easily conduct your own experiments.

You're in charge because you can measure the actual current and voltage your model uses and the power it produces. You can check what YOUR prop, motor, battery and speed control are really doing and compare that to their specs.

"Watt's Up"'s Unique Features

  • Low voltage capture makes it easy to setup the cutoff voltage on your speed control or see the effect a prop or motor change has on your battery voltage.
  • Peak Amps and peak Watts capture shows you the maximum current and consequent power (instantaneous voltage X peak current) drawn and even if they only happen for 1/1000 'ths of a second. Way too fast to see any other way.

If you're having a problem, the "Watt's Up"'s measurement abilities mean you can find an out of spec current or voltage that may explain a crash or damaged component. The possiblilities are endless.


Easy To Use

"Watt's Up" is an easy to use watt meter. It's like jumper cables. Connect between a power source and a load and you can measure all the important electrical parameters. And it doesn't interfere with the components you connect it to.

See the Watt meter connection diagrams for hook-up examples.

Get one now and get the facts!

"Watt's Up" model: WU100  


Key Watt's Up Features

"Watt's Up" has the features you need.

  • Small size and lightweight so you can take it with you
  • First to capture peak Amps, peak Watts and minimum Volts
  • 0V measurement for cell balancing and measuring single battery cells
  • Best combination of watt meter features on the market; measures wide range of values for any model and with hi-resolution
  • Powered by your model or an auxiliary battery
  • Full manual explains operation, applications and has a mini electric systems tutorial. Everything you need to know
  • Made in USA American Flagto ISO 9001 (like Hewlett Packard uses) quality standards and has a one year warranty
  • Comes in colors; Onyx and Electric Blue

Watt Meter Specifications Summary

Parameter Range Resolution
0-60 V* 0.01 V
0-100 A** 0.01 A
0-6554 W 0.1 W
0-65 Ah 0.001 Ah
0-6554 Wh 0.1 Wh

* Using auxiliary battery input. Minimum is 4.0 V without one.

** 100 A peak, 50 Amps continuous.


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Just wanted to let you know I LOVE this meter! I'm playing around building CD ROM motors and the meter makes it so easy to objectively evaluate the performance of each motor. I am also very pleased with the size, construction and ease of use.

Thanks for a great product! - T.S.

Watt's Up Wattmeter