RC Wattmeter Product Reviews

The "Watt's Up" WU100 wattmeter has received many favorable on-line and print reviews. Links to some of them are provided below.

Print magazines

Quiet Flyer Magazine

"Know Watt’s Up: The Watt’s Up meter and Power Analyzer", October 2005, Vol10, Issue10

Model Aviation Magazine

Worth a Closer Look, July 2005, Vol31, Number 7

Model Airplane News

Product Watch, October 2005

Fly R/C Magazine

Gear Up, September 2005, Issue 22

Online articles

At RCGroups / E-Zone

RC Electronics "Watt's Up" Meter - A Quick Look, by Bernard Cawley

"Watt's Up" Meter tested, by Kevin Petrilla

At RC Universe

"Watt's Up" R/C Watt Meter, by Greg Covey


Product Reviews