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Connecting and Using Watt meters

The user manuals below expand on the instructions supplied with our meters.

Our RC Wattmeter connection diagrams show graphically how to connect our Wattmeters to RC batteries, motors, speed controls, RC chargers, etc. in typical arrangements.

User manuals

The "Watt's Up" Wattmeter and power analyzer user's manual includes examples of watt meter applications as well as general information on electronics for RC cars & planes.

There is a separate manual for each "Watt's Up" version and the manuals are complete. You only need the manual for the version you have.

Download "Watt's Up" user's manuals (in PDF format)

Determining your meter's version number

The power up screen shows the Watt meter's version number. E.g., for versions 2.1, "Watt's Up" shows: RCE v2.1 and "Doc Wattson" will show: RCE HE2.1.

Also, the instruction card that comes with the model WU100, version 2 has a photo of the "Watt's Up" watt meter on it where version 1 did not.


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