"Watt's Up" Electric RC Cars Watt Meter

What is a Watt meter?

Watt's Up watt meter

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A "watt meter" or power analyzer allows you to measure the electrical parameters that affect electric R/C car and truck performance and safety.

A precision instrument, our "Watt's Up" watt meter replaces an ammeter, voltmeter, wattmeter, Amp-hour and Watt-hour meter and does more.

It costs less than the combination of those devices and only a fraction of the total investment in your RC modeling hobby that it helps to tune and protect.

Why you need one

Without a watt meter, your have to guess what's going on with the electrics in your model.Pros know that you can't get top performance from RC cars & trucks without the accurate information a watt meter provides.

Lots of applications

Look at these typical electric car & truck Watt meter applications that help you maximize your RC model's performance and protect your investment.

Easy to use

"Watt's Up" is easy to use. Use it like jumper cables. Connect between a battery (power source) and a Speed Control (load) and you can measure all the important electrical parameters. It doesn't interfere with the components you connect it to. It's like it's not there.

See connection examples in our Watt meter connection diagram.

Key Watt's up features

Here's what makes the "Watt's Up" watt meter better than the rest.

  • Small size and lightweight so you can take it with you
  • First to capture peak Amps, peak Watts, and minimum Volts
  • 0V measurement for single battery cells
  • Best combination of watt meter features on the market; measures wide range of values for any model and with high resolution
  • Powered by your model's battery or an auxiliary battery
  • Full manual tells you everything you need to know
  • Made in USA American Flagto ISO 9001 quality standards and has a one year warranty
  • Comes in cool colors; Onyx and Electric Blue

Why guess when you can know "Watt's Up"?


"Watt's Up" model: WU100  

Specifications summary

Parameter Range Resolution
0-60 V* 0.01 V
0-100 A** 0.01 A
0-6554 W 0.1 W
0-65 Ah 0.001 Ah
0-6554 Wh 0.1 Wh

* Using auxiliary battery input. Minimum is 4.0 V without it.
** 100 A peak, 50 Amps continuous.

More Wattmeter information

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What to look for in a Watt Meter

watt meter review

You Need One!

Why you need a RC Watt meter.

Just wanted to let you know I LOVE this meter! I'm playing around building CD ROM motors and the meter makes it so easy to objectively evaluate the performance of each motor. I am also very pleased with the size, construction and ease of use.

Thanks for a great product! - T.S.

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