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The "Watt's Up" RC battery Watt meter measures and calculates all the electrical parameters you need to get high performance from your RC Cars & Planes. It is essential for increasing the performance and safety of your electric Radio Controlled model. With the best balance of specifications and features on the market, you can stop guessing and start knowing "Watt's Up" with your model.

Key features and Specifications

The "Watt's Up" RC battery Watt meter helps you:

  1. Set speed control cutoff voltages and currents
  2. Tune performance by comparing different setups of propeller, motor, gearing, speed control and battery
  3. Measure a full battery charge and compare to spec when charger claims done
  4. Check peak currents are safe for battery, speed control, motor, wiring and connectors
  5. Predict airplane flight time based on ACTUAL conditions in your model
  6. Check cell balance of individual cells in ANY chemistry battery packs
  7. Check battery capacity and health and whether battery should be retired
  8. Verify that the minimum voltage under load is within specifications
  9. Check for wiring and connector power losses
  10. Measure power and energy consumption of ANY device with a battery

Fine-tuning your electric RC cars & planes for great performance doesn't have to be a guessing game. Electric RC cars & airplanes can be analyzed to improve performance and duration in ways their gas powered brethren can not. Now, with the "Watt's Up" watt meter from RC Electronics, Inc., precise measurements of Volts, Amps, Watts, Ah and Wh enable any R/C car, truck, airplane modeler to optimize battery, motor and electrical performance in a methodical manner.

You can get the results you want and know how with much less hassle, time, and cost.

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"Watt's Up" RC Wattmeter, model: WU100

Watt's Up Power Analyzer

Available colors

Electric Blue  | Onyx  | Kryptonite (discontinued)

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Onyx is opaque, other colors are "see-thru."

"Watt's Up" model: WU100  

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Just wanted to let you know I LOVE this meter! I'm playing around building CD ROM motors and the meter makes it so easy to objectively evaluate the performance of each motor. I am also very pleased with the size, construction and ease of use.

Thanks for a great product! - T.S.

RC Battery Watt Meter