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Watt's Up watt meter

"Watt's Up" Wattmeter
Takes the guessing out of
RC electrical systems.

Our "Watt's Up" Watt meters and power analyzers are key RC accessories to your RC cars & planes hobby. They maybe the key RC helicopter accessory.

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RC Watt meter product descriptions

For RC airplanes & helicopters:
Name Model Description
"Watt's Up" WU100 RC Watt meter
"Aux. Connector CONN100 Auxiliary power connector cable


For RC cars & trucks:
Name Model Description
"Watt's Up" WU100 Electric RC cars Watt meter
"Aux. Connector CONN100 Auxiliary power connector cable

Connector lubricant & metal corrosion inhibitor

AX7-C connector lubricant & metal corrosion inhibitor brings military spec. grade protection to all electrical connector contacts.

Non RC or other applications

You can buy a replacement meter case for our meters.

For non RC applications of DC ammeters, Amp hour meters, KiloWatt hour meters, etc. please see our DC Ammeters page.

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Discontinued products

A helicopter variation, model WU101, called "Watt's Up - Heli" is no longer in production. It was distributed solely by Model Avionics and their dealers under an ODM agreement with RC Electronics. It has firmware version 1.0.

"Watt's Up - Heli" features:

  • Ruby red polycarbonate case for extra impact resistance
  • Low lipoly battery voltage detection and alarm via optional LED light
  • It does NOT have the peak current or minimum voltage capture

All sales and support of the "Watt's Up - Heli" are handled by Model Avionics. RC Electronics does not support this version directly.


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