RC Cars & Trucks Watt Meter Applications

  1. Find electrical problems causing crashes or erratic behavior
  2. Prevent peak currents damaging battery, speed control, motors, wiring and connectors
  3. Maximize battery pack power by checking cell balance of individual cells in ANY chemistry
  4. Verify that the minimum voltage under load is within specifications
  5. Set speed control cutoff voltages and currents to prevent battery damage
  6. Measure a full battery charge and compare to spec when charger claims done
  7. Make sure battery charger is operating correctly and giving you a full charge
  8. Tune performance by comparing different setups of wheels, motor, gearing, speed control and battery
  9. Predict full power run times
  10. Check battery capacity and age and whether battery should be retired
  11. Detect stalled servos exceeding current limits

Please let us know if we missed any applications that you like.




Watt Meter Cars Applications