RC Airplane Watt Meter Applications

Here are a few examples of RC Plane Watt Meter Applications.

  1. Find electrical problems causing crashes or erratic behavior
  2. Prevent peak currents damaging battery, speed control, motor, wiring and connectors
  3. Verify not exceeding your battery's discharge and charge rates
  4. Verify that the minimum voltage under load is within specifications
  5. Check servo currents are not exeeding BEC or battery limits and causing stalls
  6. Maximize battery pack power by checking cell balance of individual cells in ANY chemistry
  7. Verify battery capacity and health and whether battery should be retired
  8. Measure a full battery charge and compare to spec when charger claims done
  9. Ensure getting a full charge on your RC batteries and maximum runtime
  10. Set speed control cutoff voltages and currents to prevent battery damage
  11. Detect stalled servos exceeding current limits
  12. Tune performance by comparing different setups of propeller, motor, gearing, speed control and battery
  13. Predict airplane flight time based on ACTUAL conditions in your model
  14. Verify components have compatible specifications
  15. Check for wiring and connector power losses
  16. Measure power and energy consumption of ANY device with a battery



Watt Meter Plane Applications